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How Do You Search on Google?

  How You Google It Can Unlock the Web! How you searching on the Google engine can unlock the mystery of successful promoting online.for a business.  Its a fact that most people who desperately try to find out how to advertising, promote and market a business on the web will turn and search those terms exactly.  In actuality, all this does is to cloud the issue of online promoting.  You see, there are thousands on the web that claim to be experts.  And for only $29.95, you too can know their secrets.  Well folks, come into the real world in 2021.  Most of the crap that you see on the web is just that.  You could say that scraping it off the bottom of your boots before you come into the house would be the thing to do when you come across those ads online.  Successful promoting online does NOT mean doing most of the things that these so called gurus tell you to do.  Keyword research and analysis is not effective UNLESS you understand exactly how YOU search on Google! Signup for my newsle

Email Marketing for Business

$17.95 Per Month Unlimited Autoresponders and Lead Capture Pages! $17.95 per month for the complete autoresponder, lead capture, research and analysis, tracking and affiliate program.  This beats the nearest competitor by nearly half!  Unlimited autoresponders with coorecsponding lead capture pages makes for a powerful promoting system all under one roof.  See all of the features listed on the best email marketing system.  Did you know that every successful business on the web includes subscriptions for email marketing systems?  It is very true.  The main reason for this is because a company wants to communcate with its customers.  No matter the business you have, we can offer you the absolute best prices on the best autoresponder system found on Google today. We offer a unique newsletter series titled:  Search Optimizer Newsletter .  When you subscribe you will receive about one email per week containing tips, information, techniques, strategies and commentaries about b

Happy Birthday Butch Hamilton!

Search Optimizer Butch Hamilton is a search optimizer. This is a term that describes the calculated moves of creating a specific type of website, paying attention to all of the small details of the site, writing the best creative content on the site to describe exactly what the benefits and solutions of the site is, and to finally be able to show the client on a Google search, exactly where the site is located and how it is doing on the world wide web. Search optimizing is a process. Its very important to remember that nothing happens quickly on the Internet. I know, the articles being put out tell of the secret software, the rare and cherished traffic exchanges and the ever important web designer and programmer are the prime ways to gain top positions on Google and the other search engines, but let us dispel those rumors here and now. Search optimizing means writing particular kinds of creative and original content that make its way to the top of a good information based sea


The How To of Good Content Content is words.  Content is what one sees every day when going to a website.  Content, the written words within a website is the single most important factor that will determine if the site is effective, or, if it is like most sites online, will never be seen by anyone.  One must arrange or write content that is readable by anyone.  Trying to use overstated words and trying to seem intelligent will go nowhere.  As a matter of fact, good content actually has a chance of being read by someone.  Bad content will be clicked away from at the speed of light and wind up in the garbage bin of the web.  Oh yes, there are special places for bad content that Google uses to place all sites which are bad, damaging or otherwise not filled with good information.  If one happens to build a site such as this, there is just no way that anyone will ever see the site, no matter how much money is thrown at the site. The Key to Good Content The question has been posed thousands

The Internet 2021

Search Optimizing - The Key to Business Success 2021 is exploding on the web. Due to Covid, people are choosing to shop online more than ever. Creating a positive impact on Google assures success. Creating positive profiles on the web for businesses is critical. Now, in the times of Covid, online business owners should consider taking action to assure that their professional profiles, their websites and all digital media is locked firmly in place. Butch Hamilton, noted search optimization expert is now taking applications for the task of helping business owners take the necessary steps to see that their operations are being seen by the maximum number of interested buyers. The task of search optimization is a step by step process. It should be duly noted that nothing happens quickly on the web. Even in this day of rapid fire technology, the search optimization process is still one of hands on intervention. Hamilton, well schooled in all areas of search optimizing, takes special care wit

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