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Search Optimizing - The Key to Business Success

2021 is exploding on the web. Due to Covid, people are choosing to shop online more than ever. Creating a positive impact on Google assures success.

Creating positive profiles on the web for businesses is critical. Now, in the times of Covid, online business owners should consider taking action to assure that their professional profiles, their websites and all digital media is locked firmly in place. Butch Hamilton, noted search optimization expert is now taking applications for the task of helping business owners take the necessary steps to see that their operations are being seen by the maximum number of interested buyers.

The task of search optimization is a step by step process. It should be duly noted that nothing happens quickly on the web. Even in this day of rapid fire technology, the search optimization process is still one of hands on intervention. Hamilton, well schooled in all areas of search optimizing, takes special care with all clients in order to help them maximize returns on their investments. This is all done by using the best original creative content placed on sites, blogs, press releases and social media on a consistent basis. The slow and steady stream of this type of content attracts both search engine spider bots and customers seeking particular types of goods, services and information online. Visualization is used within this process that makes the work of Hamilton so unique and far reaching. Knowing full well that seeing the success of any project before the work is done, helps to amplify the success rate of any project undertaken.

The thought processes Butch Hamilton uses in each and every campaign undertaken are in fact, the most brutally simple imaginable. In a recent int erview with Butch Hamilton, he spoke of this process. "Most people believe that content must be complicated. In fact, the Internet is one of the simplest of all things found in the world. The search engine spiders simply go about their jobs of assimilating and placing content where they are told to do so. Training search spiders to place this information in the right place begins with the all important title. Right title = right Google position! It is actually that simple and one thing that most people miss. They will over complicate and overemphasize their words thinking this is needed. In fact, it is not."

Wise words to heed from one who has consistently worked online since 2003. One of the chief advantages of hiring Butch Hamilton for his unique and inspired brand of search optimizing lies in the fact that he has been down in the trenches actually working while others sit on the sidelines and ponder and boast of their accomplishments. When Butch Hamilton is hired for a job, he is ready at that time to begin the process of evaluating, researching, visualization and then working towards making the project undertaken a success.


Search Optimizer

Butch Hamilton is a search optimizer. This is a term that describes the calculated moves of creating a specific type of website, paying attention to all of the small details of the site, writing the best creative content on the site to describe exactly what the benefits and solutions of the site is, and to finally be able to show the client on a Google search, exactly where the site is located and how it is doing on the world wide web. Search optimizing is a process. Its very important to remember that nothing happens quickly on the Internet. I know, the articles being put out tell of the secret software, the rare and cherished traffic exchanges and the ever important web designer and programmer are the prime ways to gain top positions on Google and the other search engines, but let us dispel those rumors here and now. Search optimizing means writing particular kinds of creative and original content that make its way to the top of a good information based search engine. To put it very simply, it is a VERY SIMPLE PROCESS!Most seem to want to cloud and overstate the search optimizing game, but after over a decade and a half, Butch Hamilton could very well qualify as an expert by experience in the search optimizing field!

History of Butch Hamilton

One of the very best ways to gain a clear picture of who Butch Hamilton is and what he has accomplished on the Internet is to turn to The Way Back Machine. Here, it is all laid out in plain language along with websites that have been used for various purposes over the course of time. View Butch Hamilton @ Here, the history and sites will be seen in plain view. Keep in mind that this is not at all the scope of the content that Butch Hamilton has created over a decade and a half of writing. This is simply those sites and information created on behalf of search optimizing that has been seen by millions over the years.

When the early career began, Butch Hamilton considered buying domains that directly promoted his name on the web. This was done in order to brand the term and to let others find him to possibly hire him for his unique and inspired services he provides. Some laughed and scoffed at the fact of was a domain name; however, genius was just quietly going about the business of creating a positive and progressive online profile that would lead to an incredible Internet journey over the course of the years. Becoming marketing director for some of the best known Internet business models in the day was just some of the benefits seen at purchasing the prized domain name of As a matter of fact, at one point in time, that domain name was valued at well over $25,000 dollars at a well known domain and hosting company! Hamilton had let the domain name expire and those making money from buying and selling domains did their research and could not believe the amount of information, links and standing on Google that were found. Just another testament of the work, effort and creating that Butch Hamilton has accomplished on the Internet for lucky clients.


Seasoned, Intelligent, Driven, Creative Thinker

Few really understand the man behind the content that is seen across the web. Though much of a loner in offline life, the dedication, persistence, patience, determination and dogged never give up attitude about advertising, marketing and promoting sites on the web, would scarcely touch the actual mind behind the madness of this Internet legend. Having been down the rough road of the Internet where scammers, liars, cheaters and con men come out in droves to do everything and anything that they can to stop this unique individual from seeing projects to completion, they all simply fall by the wayside and fail. There is NO stopping Butch Hamilton in 2021 and beyond as the flow of creative content just continues to come forth as if by some driven prophet. Great original, though inducing content to announce sites to the world wide web is the goal of Butch Hamilton.

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