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Search Engine Optimization Definition

Search Engine Optimization Services by Butch Hamilton

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SEO Simplified

For many, the term search engine optimization conjures up all sorts of ideas that may, or may not be true. The type of SEO that is described on this site is a much simpler version from the normal rhetoric and confusing content that is posted about the subject. Often, the overexaageration of the term leads people to believe that it is some mysterious something that only Google paid officials are able to accomplish. Or for that matter, they may choose to believe that search optimizing is something that only the rich and famous can do. Both situations are totally off base. Average people with average incomes can purchase SEO services and at least stand a chance of success on the web. A good definition of SEO coems from The Free Dictionary. It states: search engine optimization (Computer Science) computing the process of adjusting the content, structure, etc, of a website so that it will be displayed prominently by a search engine. This is a generalized definitoin of what the SEO Master tries to accomplish when working with websites. There is much more to the process that may be realized and the actual work of working with the source code (the backend of the site) is rather involved. There are many elements contained within a site that must be in place in order to make it search engine compatible on the web.

For those who have joined an MLM business, the site "given" for promoting is virtually worthless on Google. The chances are very good that those sites are nothing but "cookie cutter" reprentations of the owner site and will never be seen on the web by anyone. Another of the great mysteries of the web. Just because a site is hosted and live does not mean that it is ready to be viewed by others according to the demands of the search engine spider bot. The content must be arranged in such a manner that it offers good information and value to a reader coming to the site. If it is just another classified advertising, then it will not be seen by anyone.

Always consider one thing when creating and attempting to publicize a website. The digital work must offer readers something of value for choosing to click on the link on the web for the site in question. There has to be good information on a topic of interest to them in order for any site to be effective. The search engine of Google is about one thing. Good Information. The spider bots that assimilate this information and place it where they are told to go with it, only follow very simple instructions. They place sites with the best information about topics of interest to readers at the top positions where it will be seen. All other information will land in the very bottom of the search results and never been seen by anyone. This is where most of the published sites go on the web.  Butch Hamilton - SEO Master only practices very simple SEO techniques.  These systems worked brilliantly in 2003, and they work today.

Search Engine Optimization Services

When your business plan needs the ultimate in profile branding, website creation, creative content writing and link generating, contact Butch Hamilton to learn more about getting your website to the top of Google!

Butch Hamilton - SEO Master
Call or Text: 1-(539) 302-7234
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Search Engine Optimization Services by Butch Hamilton

Search Engine Optimization Services

When your business plan needs the ultimate in profile branding, website creation, creative content writing and link generating, contact Butch Hamilton to learn more about getting your website to the top of Google!

Butch Hamilton - SEO Master
Call or Text: 1-(539) 302-7234
Email: info [@]

Cleaning the Bullshit from SEO!

Spring Cleaning 2021!

Being raised on a farm in West Texas, from a very early age I learned about bullshit.  I learned that you never, and I mean NEVER, bring that stuff into your mama's house after being down at the cow lot taking care of the cows!  That is a lesson that every young farm boy learns really quickly.  I would suppose that my upbringing on the family farm in Texas led me to become truthful and honest in my approach to life.  I have never been a liar and could never be one because anyone that knows me or talks with me, knows full well that I only have truth ingrained within my soul from a very early age.

Now on that farm in Texas, down at the old cow lot, we had something called bullshit.  For you more refined city men and women, this is the term that describes excrement from a male cow, or better called bull.  This substance is the remains of what the bull has ingested.  It is the waste product that comes out of the bull on a very regular basis.  In other words, its just plain old West Test bullshit!  It is not an off color or curse word by any stretch of the imagination.  It is the way Texas people describe stuff that comes out of a bull.

2021 Search Engine Optimization Services

There is another particular kind of bullshit that is prevalent on the world wide web of deceit and lies in 2021.  It is called search engine optimization services.  In essence, it is the art and science of viewing a website very critically and then taking the site, rearranging the source code to make it more search engine compatible.  In other words, it makes it more likely to be seen by someone looking for the thing that is being promoted on the site.

In the SEO industry today, there are those out there, imagine that, that will take advantage of people and literally steal their money and call it SEO services.   These bad guys of the Internet will stop at nothing to steal identities, make claims, tout their claims of instant success by using their propriety SEO software and all kinds of other bullshit terms about the art and science of being seen on Google.

It is Time to Clear the Bullshit from SEO!

  1. No One Has Ever Gotten Rich on the Web from Search Engine Optimization Services - That is the absolute truth. Real time SEO offers business owners a CHANCE of being seen on the web. From there, there is just no telling what someone will do when they find a website. It is a chance of being seen, which by the way, most sites are not ever seen!

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How to Take Back the Internet


Butch Hamilton - SEO Master - Is on a Mission!

For years, Hamilton has listened to the horror stores from clients who hired so called SEO people to operate their online presence on the web.  From hundreds of dollars spent for nothing to upwards of a million dollars, all of these people were victims of age old search engine optimization scammers.  The problem is so widespread, and is currently operating right now through email, press releases, hacking of websites and scamming people from their hard earned money that one has risen out of the ashes and demands to be heard!

Butch Hamilton Will Take Back SEO!

Hamilton has a plan that can/will thwart the bad guys of the Internet.  He has vowed to simply write one thousand more times good and positive content about the art and science of SEO, than the bad email spammers can send out their ridiculous emails to unsuspecting people.  He has chosen to become very proactive and do what he knows exactly how to do, and that is to clean up the bad name of search engine optimization services, and put it back into the perspective that it should be viewed as.

Search Engine Optimization Services is an Art Form!

True SEO, real SEO and the kind of SEO that Butch Hamilton provides to paying clients is a rare and beautiful art form that requires visualization, concentration, action, creative writing and approaching the Internet from a perspective that most do not even know exist.  Having a rare talent in search engine optimization services means that one becomes the best of the best at creative original content writing.  SEO is not something one can buy @ Fiver for $5.  True SEO Services cannot be bought for pennies.  Anyone that touts claims of SEO for little or nothing is a scammer, a liar and a hacker just waiting to take the money7 and run away.  They will do nothing at all for the money handed to them.

Its time to let real business owners know that there are people working search engine optimizing right now that are credible, that are real and are ready to go to work for worthy pay for the services rendered.  When a true search engine optimizer is hired, good and progressive things will begin to happen for the business site being promoted.

Read the press below about the mission!

Butch Hamilton

How to Promote a Website

Guidelines for Website Promoting

Website promotion, advertising, and marketing all are covered in this article. Most who enter the hallowed halls of the world wide web think that they have a grasp of how to promote a website; however, more than likely, the ego has entered into this thought process. Thinking that you know what website promoting is really all about is not the same thing as actually sitting down and learning how to go about the process of website promotion.

The Steps in Website Promotion

1,  Creating a Website - This task is the initial phase in the site promoting process. The site that you build will become your storefront on Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other major search engines. It is NOT as important as to how the site looks, as the ingredients that are within that site. Looks count for nothing at all except our human mind. What the source code is behind the site is what will be the deciding factor on the performance of that site on the search engines. The site can be a blogger blog, a Wordpress blog, any number of website builders or can be a hosted site that you build from scratch. No matter the templates that are used, the original content placed within the site will be the directions for the search engine spider bots to follow. In other words, YOU train the spiders where to place your information on the search engines!

2.  Create Additional Resources - In order to succeed on the web one simple site will not be enough. There will need to be additional resources added to the campaign over time which will eventually be used for building backlinks to the site being promoted. This does not have to be a quick process. Everything on the web has its own time. Being in a hurry to accomplish the tasks will often lead to reports of spam. Slow and steady is the rule of thumb to follow in the promoting game. Additional resources include blogs, forums, images, podcasts, videos and even additional websites, will all assist in the website promoting process.

3,  The Care and Feeding of a Website - A website, any website that is worth promoting on the web needs to have the right nutrition and attention to succeed. Affiliate sites are dead entities on the web. If you are thinking that your wonderful looking affiliate makes you ready to make money online, you will be mistaken. You must promote that site with your own site in order to stand a chance of succeeding online.

4.  Content is the Key - Writing will be the deciding factor on the success of the site on the web. For those who are challenged in the area of content writing, creating podcasts and videos can be useful alternatives; however, the right kind of content is what is important. Article spinners, Fiver advocates and other useless tools on the web are useless in the art and science of search engine optimization services.

That is the Beginning of Site Promoting

From that point, to the desired point of success, all depends on the consistency of content posted, the quality of the original content, links and images created, and the never ending vigil of work, effort, determination and guts.

What is Search Engine Optimization?




The Study of How a Website Appears on a Google Search


There are literally trillions of websites listed on the world wide web.  A vast majority of those sites are rarely seen by human eyes.  Why is this malady, and how can it be avoided?
Creating a website that will eventually be read by humans searching for something of interest is the ultimate goal of a qualified search engine optimization specialist.
There are no tricks, no secret software and no gurus in this endeavor.  There is one simple thing...


There are really no secrets in the world of search engine optimization services.  There is one thing that rings true with any9one who has ever decided to dedicated their time, energy and talents to the art of getting a website seen on Google.  It is a time intensive labor of love that leads someone to tackle the arduous job of taking a website that represents a worthy endeavor of some sort, and placing that site on Google for particular keyword phrases that people are searching for.

A search optimizer is one who knows how to view websites from the perspective of search engine spider bots.  They are not as concerned with the way a website looks, as they are with the keywords, ad content and links that are present within the content of the site.  This one main area is what confuses most people about how the Internet actually works.  It is a beautiful combination of keywords, ad content and links that when placed together in harmony in a proper website, reach the pinnacle of success on Google.
The one who understands how this all works is the one that should be chosen to be in charge of a business website on the world wide web!  Without this expertise, the business may fail miserably.

It is quite unfortunate that the phrase search engine optimization services has received such bad presence on the web.  The scams, the hacks, the liars, the con men/women have done their very best to blacklist a wonderful and progressive endeavor.  The true masters of SEO, such as Butch Hamilton. Have spent their time and energy learning every area of website creation and implementation.  They know how to creative valuable original content that will eventually find its way to the top of keyword categories and improve the overall performance of a business model on the web.
For this, the qualified SEO Master is to be heartily congratulated as there are very few who actually know how to accomplish this!

Learn more today @

Why Should You Hire a Search Engine Optimizer?


Cost Effective Website Promotion

Being a business owner is a full time job.  To successfully operate any business, either offline or online, the task needed to achieve success are never ending.  Each and every day is filled with tasks that need to be completed, deadlines that need to be met and various responsibilities that need attention.  The time required to build and maintain any successful business is often overwhelming.

Do You Have Time to Advertise and Promote the Business Too?

Any business owner must ask themselves a question.  Is it possible to accomplish all of the task of operating a business, even the advertising and promotion of the business as well?  If the question is answered honestly, they know that they cannot do a good job of everything.  Therefore, parts of the business are going to fall short of intended goals without assistance.

Hiring a qualified, loyal, dedicated and aggressive search engine optimization specialist will mean that other business tasks can be fulfilled properly.  The demanding and specialized job of website promotion should be left to experts in the field whose only goal is to see that everything is done to successfully promote the business in a respectful and competent manner.

For a quote for search engine optimization service by Butch Hamilton, fill out the contact form.

Butch Hamilton -SEO Master

Search Engine Optimization Services



Butch Hamilton - SEO Master, provides a very unique brand of search engine optimization services.  For prospective clients, its important to understand and to know exactly what to expect when hiring one to brand and build a business on Google.  True SEO is a process.  It is a day by day process that will yield, over time, desired results in terms of better traffic to the website being promoted, better search engine rankings on specific keywords chosen, and an overall betterment of the entire business plan can be expected when hiring Hamilton as the search optimizer.

Paying Clients Will Receive the Following Services

  • Website Evaluation - The website which will be carrying the bulk of the business plan seen on Google needs to have all of the pieces of the promoting puzzle locked firmly into place.  A complete evaluation of the website including title, metatag description, ad content and links will all be viewed critically.  The business owner will be informed of the changes needed on the website to make it a super powerful entity on Google.
  • An Overall View of the Entire Business Plan - Knowing about the goals, the expectations, the business plan laid in place and the ultimate outcome come fully into play.  It is imperative that the search optimizer for a business knows each and every part of the business plan in order to create a solid and viable plan of action to promote the business successfully.
  • Press Release Introductions - This vital part of any successful SEO campaign includes professional writing of press releases.  These valuable tools can and will put the business information in front of a great amount of prospective website visitors.
  • Additional Blogs, Forums, Images Will Be Created - In order to succeed on Google, the full range of promoting data must be included.  There are no shortcuts or workarounds here.  Original content writing posted to blogs and forums will help boost the overall standing on Google for the website.
  • Social Media Planning and Implementation - The use of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others puts the information in front of prospects.  New features in Facebook should include creating a public group and fan page for the promotion.  Additional resources can and will be added over time.  But the whole point of social media marketing is to keep the information flowing on a regular basis.  Daily posting to these social networks improves the overall standing of the site and business plan being promoted.

Keyword Research


How Valuable is Keyword Research?

Advertising, marketing and promoting on Google successfully is a never ending process.  The process includes finding keywords where people are searching for, and choosing to approach those keywords with content so that it will be seen and responded to favorably.  Keyword research is a catch-22 affair.  It is valuable, but it can also be quite frustrating and quite frankly, unprofitable as well.  Looking back in time provides some excellent answers about keyword research and obtaining top positions for those keywords as well.

2006 with started as a research and testing project.  The domain name was purchased and the website was constructed following Google guidelines as usual.  Through the use of creative content about leads, lead generation, buying leads, generating leads etc., the top positions on Google for the term Leads was achieved.  This was not a simple nor an easy task.  There were hours and hours of concentrated writing on blogs, forums, websites, press releases and other digital media, but the effort was well worth the effort ONLY in terms of the position on Google being achieved.  Honestly, the number one position obtained on Google for the term leads NEVER made one thin dime in revenue.  One would think that obtaining a tough keyword position like leads with a site would result in revenue being generated, right?

The point is this.  Niche marketing keywords are much more effective for generating revenue from a site than simple research and analyzing.  One must indeed think outside the box when advertising on Google then, and ONLY then, is there a chance of creating revenue for a business model.  It will be discovered that listening to the "so called" experts, will more than likely lead to no success at all.  It is a well known fact that many of these people and organizations tout claims of instant success on the web from their proprietary secrets.  Once again, the hype and misrepresented statements must be ignored.  There are no SECRETS, there is only great original content!

Slow and Steady?


OR, Fast and Furious!

In 2021, it is a fast paced technologically abrupt world.  Evertying is done with lightning speed.  The work is not stop.  The pace is so fast that most of the time, we cannot stop even to breathe for a moment.  After all, we must get it all done before the competition does, right?  If we snooze, we lose, right?  The early bird gets the worm, right?  Well, the old phrases may appear to hold water in today's times;  however, there are other considerations here

The Internet Has Its Own Time!

One may think that they know all that there is about the world wide web.  Oh sure, they have done all of the marketing research.  Their statistical department has gathered all of the data and keywords for a particular project and the writers have been hired from an overseas staff to write tons of articles that will drive the project to success on Google.  That is the way it works, right?  Actually, this is NOT how the Internet works at all!

The Internet in 2021 is actually a slow and steadily moving sea of information.  It takes time to develop quality content.  It takes time to sit in from and aging desktop computer, and actually write stuff that someone somewhere will read.  There is nothing fast and furious about Google at all.  As a matter of fact, if one tries to do too much, too soon, the results will be the exact opposite of what is planned for the project!

Slow and Steady Works!

There has never been a truer statement about advertising, marketing and promoting on the world wide web than those few words.

The Art of Being Seen on the Web


Search Engine Optimization is an Art Form

Approaching the world wide web from a different standpoint is essential as everyone marketing, advertising and promoting try to do exactly the same thing.  The results that they receive will be exactly the same as every other one doing the work.  Moving into new and more progressive areas using niche marketing techniques makes perfect sense to take a business model to new and better ground.  There is not one way to promote a website.  Original content writing is the perfect way to effectively attract the search engine spiders to take a closer look at the project being promoted.  For those who only want to follow what all of the so called "gurus" are writing about, those will now see the type of success that they so desperately desire.

Buying Your Way on Google

Obviously for those who have unlimited funds to throw at Google, such as Walmart, Amazing, Target, Ebay and other mega multinational corporations, this is the way to go.  However, for most of us, using a different approach to succeeding is necessary.  Content writing on a daily basis and publishing this great content to blogs, forums, images, podcasts, videos will increase the presence of the site or sites being offered.  This system works more slowly, but in reality, the results will be felt in the long term better than just throwing cash and hoping for the best.  Organic search positions carry more weight than paid spots as people already know about Sam's Club, Walmart and Amazon.  They may be looking for an alternate business, one that really cares, to give their hard earned money to.  This is the prime example of what niche marketing, when properly applied, can do for any business.


The art of being seen on the web for any worthy project.

Search Engine Optimization

The Three Worst Words on Google

Search engine optimization invokes feelings of hype, scam and lies on Google faster than any other words known.  The reason for this is that the term search engine optimizing is used by liars, scam artists and con men and women who peruse the web looking for the next victim to take money from and do nothing at all for it.  Oh yes, the term search engine optimizing is among the all time worst words to use when talking or writing on the web.  I personally cannot even begin to tell how many people I have spoken with about the term search engine optimizing and the ales of horror that they have given me about giving money to some supposed well known search optimizer, only to find out that they did nothing at all for the money given and walked away, once again, unfettered by any repercussion that the client could give them.

So, What is Search Engine Optimization Anyway?

This is a term that means looking at a website from a standpoint of how the site will perform on Google.  Title, keywords, ad content and links must all be analyzed very critically.  The site must be viewed NOT from an aesthetic appeal, but from the real way that the search engine spiderbots of Google view and assimilate the information given.  Once again, the art of creative writing comes into full play in the basic art of search optimizing for a website.  There are a few things to remember about search engine optimization for a website that will determine its success rate on the web.

  1. The Title of the Website - One of the most important aspects of any website, and usually the most ignored element is the title of the site.  Always remembering that this title is precisely where you will be telling the search engine spiders that the site belongs on the search engines.  If your site title is home, guess what?  This is precisely where the site will be listed!  And yes, it really is just that simple!
  2. Ad Content - The content, or the writing of the site is the second element to observe and critique.  Most people do not realize that spider writing  is exactly how the content on a site should be written.  Specific keywords that tell once again, the search engine spiders where to place the information on the web.  And yes, once again, the art and science of creative writing come into fully play.
  3. Links - Linking, backlinking and creating links is another very important part of the search engine optimizing process.  Linking simply means creating more positive, original and creative content that will create or build backlinks back to the site being promoted, this making the site perform better on the web.  There are NO shortcuts here.  It is simple, basic work to creating positive and strong backlinks to a website.  There are NO software programs that accomplish this!

So now you see why so much bad information is written about the truly wonderful art and science of search engine optimization.  There is no trick to it at all.  There is utter and pure simplicity of thought combined with positive action of creative writing that brings real search engine optimization to life.  So you see, real search engine optimization is done by real people.  The scam artists will always use underhanded tactics and techniques that make the real ones like us, look bad!

Butch Hamilton

Creative Writing

It All Begins with Visualization

Visualization is the art of seeing a project, or something of interest already completed before any actual work begins.  To visualize the ultimate success of a project on the web is imperative as it sets the stage for the eventual success to occur.  For many years, I have been visualizing what I wished to accomplish online.  Was everything that I have done a success?  Well, it all depends on how you look at it.  To take a more esoteric view of work, effort, long hours and time spent, the answer would be no.  However, if I think about the experience, the amount of writing accomplished, the search positions I gained on Google and other factors, then absolutely a YES would be the answer!

For most budding entrepreneurs, the goal is making money online.  This goal, if you could call it that, will often times lead to a scattering of thought and focus, and most of the time, the goal of making money will never be met.  If that person had remained focused and effort to the intended goal, more than likely money would be made.  I can remember times in my own Internet career, I actually worked on the Internet for over two years with NO success!  That is an absolutely true story!

What is Your Why?

You must decide exactly what it is that you want to do on Google.  Without this answer being clear, then naturally, nothing positive will happen.  There is a tendency on the Internet to be like a kid in a candy store.  There is so much to do and so many ways to do it, most of the time the struggling entrepreneur gets in too deep and once again, nothing happens.  The person who visualizes what they wish to accomplish, the rest deals directly with the quality of creative writing that is done to convey feelings and emotions about the business being promoted.

Dogged Determination and Guts

Advertising, promoting and marketing on the world wide web is a test of will.  That is precisely what it takes to succeed.  I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years, and a lack of determination and stick-toit-tiveness is something that most of them lack.  There is a way to describe this better.  You should ask yourself this question.  Did the business fail me, OR did I fail the business?  If you look honestly on the inside of yourself most of the time you will have failed the business.

Creative Writing is the Core

There can be no doubt about this one fact  If you are going to succeed on the web you will have to write a bunch of good stuff.  Without doing this, no goals will be met, no business will come in and nothing will happen.  If you doubt this, then answer this question.  When you search on Google, what is everything that you will find based on?  Somebody out there wrote some great content to get there!

By Butch Hamilton

Search Optimize|Search Optimizer|Search Optimizing|Search Google|Butch Hamilton


Search Optimizer

Butch Hamilton is a search optimizer. This is a term that describes the calculated moves of creating a specific type of website, paying attention to all of the small details of the site, writing the best creative content on the site to describe exactly what the benefits and solutions of the site is, and to finally be able to show the client on a Google search, exactly where the site is located and how it is doing on the world wide web. Search optimizing is a process. Its very important to remember that nothing happens quickly on the Internet. I know, the articles being put out tell of the secret software, the rare and cherished traffic exchanges and the ever important web designer and programmer are the prime ways to gain top positions on Google and the other search engines, but let us dispel those rumors here and now. Search optimizing means writing particular kinds of creative and original content that make its way to the top of a good information based search engine. To put it very simply, it is a VERY SIMPLE PROCESS!Most seem to want to cloud and overstate the search optimizing game, but after over a decade and a half, Butch Hamilton could very well qualify as an expert by experience in the search optimizing field!

History of Butch Hamilton

One of the very best ways to gain a clear picture of who Butch Hamilton is and what he has accomplished on the Internet is to turn to The Way Back Machine. Here, it is all laid out in plain language along with websites that have been used for various purposes over the course of time. View Butch Hamilton @ Here, the history and sites will be seen in plain view. Keep in mind that this is not at all the scope of the content that Butch Hamilton has created over a decade and a half of writing. This is simply those sites and information created on behalf of search optimizing that has been seen by millions over the years.

When the early career began, Butch Hamilton considered buying domains that directly promoted his name on the web. This was done in order to brand the term and to let others find him to possibly hire him for his unique and inspired services he provides. Some laughed and scoffed at the fact of was a domain name; however, genius was just quietly going about the business of creating a positive and progressive online profile that would lead to an incredible Internet journey over the course of the years. Becoming marketing director for some of the best known Internet business models in the day was just some of the benefits seen at purchasing the prized domain name of As a matter of fact, at one point in time, that domain name was valued at well over $25,000 dollars at a well known domain and hosting company! Hamilton had let the domain name expire and those making money from buying and selling domains did their research and could not believe the amount of information, links and standing on Google that were found. Just another testament of the work, effort and creating that Butch Hamilton has accomplished on the Internet for lucky clients.


Seasoned, Intelligent, Driven, Creative Thinker

Few really understand the man behind the content that is seen across the web. Though much of a loner in offline life, the dedication, persistence, patience, determination and dogged never give up attitude about advertising, marketing and promoting sites on the web, would scarcely touch the actual mind behind the madness of this Internet legend. Having been down the rough road of the Internet where scammers, liars, cheaters and con men come out in droves to do everything and anything that they can to stop this unique individual from seeing projects to completion, they all simply fall by the wayside and fail. There is NO stopping Butch Hamilton in 2021 and beyond as the flow of creative content just continues to come forth as if by some driven prophet. Great original, though inducing content to announce sites to the world wide web is the goal of Butch Hamilton.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

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