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Cleaning the Bullshit from SEO!

Spring Cleaning 2021!

Being raised on a farm in West Texas, from a very early age I learned about bullshit.  I learned that you never, and I mean NEVER, bring that stuff into your mama's house after being down at the cow lot taking care of the cows!  That is a lesson that every young farm boy learns really quickly.  I would suppose that my upbringing on the family farm in Texas led me to become truthful and honest in my approach to life.  I have never been a liar and could never be one because anyone that knows me or talks with me, knows full well that I only have truth ingrained within my soul from a very early age.

Now on that farm in Texas, down at the old cow lot, we had something called bullshit.  For you more refined city men and women, this is the term that describes excrement from a male cow, or better called bull.  This substance is the remains of what the bull has ingested.  It is the waste product that comes out of the bull on a very regular basis.  In other words, its just plain old West Test bullshit!  It is not an off color or curse word by any stretch of the imagination.  It is the way Texas people describe stuff that comes out of a bull.

2021 Search Engine Optimization Services

There is another particular kind of bullshit that is prevalent on the world wide web of deceit and lies in 2021.  It is called search engine optimization services.  In essence, it is the art and science of viewing a website very critically and then taking the site, rearranging the source code to make it more search engine compatible.  In other words, it makes it more likely to be seen by someone looking for the thing that is being promoted on the site.

In the SEO industry today, there are those out there, imagine that, that will take advantage of people and literally steal their money and call it SEO services.   These bad guys of the Internet will stop at nothing to steal identities, make claims, tout their claims of instant success by using their propriety SEO software and all kinds of other bullshit terms about the art and science of being seen on Google.

It is Time to Clear the Bullshit from SEO!

  1. No One Has Ever Gotten Rich on the Web from Search Engine Optimization Services - That is the absolute truth. Real time SEO offers business owners a CHANCE of being seen on the web. From there, there is just no telling what someone will do when they find a website. It is a chance of being seen, which by the way, most sites are not ever seen!
  2. If a Business Owner Hires an SEO Master, Success is Imminent! - This rumor is nothing more than just that. Real time search engine optimization takes a website and uses creative content writing to promote that website to top keyword positions where people are searching for something that interests them. There is NO way to predict what they will do when they find your site.
  3. All SEO People Make Money Online - The biggest farce of all is the simple fact that MOST OF THEM NEVER MAKE A DIME!  All of the claims of success, the ads, the information posted on Google is pretty much the same.  You guessed it...Bullshit!
  4. Search Engine Optimizing Always Works - This huge fallacy says that no matter what you are promoting, if you hire an SEO Master, they will make your rich!  I have personally worked with clients that thought just that.  They thought that I could magically pull out of my hat of SEO tricks some magic where I could make them rich on the web for no effort at all.  Oh, by the way, I worked while they bitched about not making money online!  They took no interest in their business, and did absolutely nothing to help me to help them.
  5. SEO Gives a Better Return on Investment - NO!  Just because one hires an SEO Master to run a campaign, that is in no way a guarantee of anything but the website being seen by more people that it would be without help.  In other words, it is a SHOT!  It is a CHANCE of making a sale.  It is something never guaranteed by any legitimate SEO person.
  6. Articles Written by Fivers (Those jerks that advertise article writing for $5 is a good deal) - Well, just another one of the big bullshit ads for the Internet.  Honestly, if I told you that I would write articles for $5 a piece, I would be lying.  I am not a liar, and so my SEO services are expensive.  The reason they are expensive is that they give you, the business owner, the best CHANCE of success that your business will ever have on Google.
  7. Writing a Whole Bunch of Stuff is what SEO Is - NO!  Real time SEO is about writing good, original, thought inducing content where people may just read it if you are lucky.  While reading this content, they might find value in what you are saying.  If they find value in what you are saying, they might buy something.  There is nothing guaranteed about SEO.  Its just a chance!There are some things to think about in the search engine optimization services industry.  Remember this.  MOST of what you read online about SEO is bullshit!  There are NO quick and easy answers to promoting a website online.  There is only WORK!

Butch Hamilton - SEO Master


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