How to Promote a Website

Guidelines for Website Promoting

Website promotion, advertising, and marketing all are covered in this article. Most who enter the hallowed halls of the world wide web think that they have a grasp of how to promote a website; however, more than likely, the ego has entered into this thought process. Thinking that you know what website promoting is really all about is not the same thing as actually sitting down and learning how to go about the process of website promotion.

The Steps in Website Promotion

1,  Creating a Website - This task is the initial phase in the site promoting process. The site that you build will become your storefront on Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other major search engines. It is NOT as important as to how the site looks, as the ingredients that are within that site. Looks count for nothing at all except our human mind. What the source code is behind the site is what will be the deciding factor on the performance of that site on the search engines. The site can be a blogger blog, a Wordpress blog, any number of website builders or can be a hosted site that you build from scratch. No matter the templates that are used, the original content placed within the site will be the directions for the search engine spider bots to follow. In other words, YOU train the spiders where to place your information on the search engines!

2.  Create Additional Resources - In order to succeed on the web one simple site will not be enough. There will need to be additional resources added to the campaign over time which will eventually be used for building backlinks to the site being promoted. This does not have to be a quick process. Everything on the web has its own time. Being in a hurry to accomplish the tasks will often lead to reports of spam. Slow and steady is the rule of thumb to follow in the promoting game. Additional resources include blogs, forums, images, podcasts, videos and even additional websites, will all assist in the website promoting process.

3,  The Care and Feeding of a Website - A website, any website that is worth promoting on the web needs to have the right nutrition and attention to succeed. Affiliate sites are dead entities on the web. If you are thinking that your wonderful looking affiliate makes you ready to make money online, you will be mistaken. You must promote that site with your own site in order to stand a chance of succeeding online.

4.  Content is the Key - Writing will be the deciding factor on the success of the site on the web. For those who are challenged in the area of content writing, creating podcasts and videos can be useful alternatives; however, the right kind of content is what is important. Article spinners, Fiver advocates and other useless tools on the web are useless in the art and science of search engine optimization services.

That is the Beginning of Site Promoting

From that point, to the desired point of success, all depends on the consistency of content posted, the quality of the original content, links and images created, and the never ending vigil of work, effort, determination and guts.

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  1. In a decade and a half of promoting on the web, I have yet to find one affiliate marketing site that was worth mentioning in terms of search engine optimization. MLM business owners can supposedly create millions from their business, but to find just ONE that can actually build a good website for promoting, just cannot be found! It is supposed that this is just one more mystery of the world wide web?

    Butch Hamilton


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