How to Take Back the Internet


Butch Hamilton - SEO Master - Is on a Mission!

For years, Hamilton has listened to the horror stores from clients who hired so called SEO people to operate their online presence on the web.  From hundreds of dollars spent for nothing to upwards of a million dollars, all of these people were victims of age old search engine optimization scammers.  The problem is so widespread, and is currently operating right now through email, press releases, hacking of websites and scamming people from their hard earned money that one has risen out of the ashes and demands to be heard!

Butch Hamilton Will Take Back SEO!

Hamilton has a plan that can/will thwart the bad guys of the Internet.  He has vowed to simply write one thousand more times good and positive content about the art and science of SEO, than the bad email spammers can send out their ridiculous emails to unsuspecting people.  He has chosen to become very proactive and do what he knows exactly how to do, and that is to clean up the bad name of search engine optimization services, and put it back into the perspective that it should be viewed as.

Search Engine Optimization Services is an Art Form!

True SEO, real SEO and the kind of SEO that Butch Hamilton provides to paying clients is a rare and beautiful art form that requires visualization, concentration, action, creative writing and approaching the Internet from a perspective that most do not even know exist.  Having a rare talent in search engine optimization services means that one becomes the best of the best at creative original content writing.  SEO is not something one can buy @ Fiver for $5.  True SEO Services cannot be bought for pennies.  Anyone that touts claims of SEO for little or nothing is a scammer, a liar and a hacker just waiting to take the money7 and run away.  They will do nothing at all for the money handed to them.

Its time to let real business owners know that there are people working search engine optimizing right now that are credible, that are real and are ready to go to work for worthy pay for the services rendered.  When a true search engine optimizer is hired, good and progressive things will begin to happen for the business site being promoted.

Read the press below about the mission!

Butch Hamilton

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  1. The way that keywords are taken back on the web is to simply out write the ones claiming success with no effort, or for a very cheap price using search engine optimization services techniques. Butch Hamilton - SEO Master, can/will/has written more about SEO than all of the scammers, hackers, liars, con men/women put together. He has done it before, and it will be done again. Look out Fivers, Hamilton is coming for you!


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