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How Valuable is Keyword Research?

Advertising, marketing and promoting on Google successfully is a never ending process.  The process includes finding keywords where people are searching for, and choosing to approach those keywords with content so that it will be seen and responded to favorably.  Keyword research is a catch-22 affair.  It is valuable, but it can also be quite frustrating and quite frankly, unprofitable as well.  Looking back in time provides some excellent answers about keyword research and obtaining top positions for those keywords as well.

2006 with started as a research and testing project.  The domain name was purchased and the website was constructed following Google guidelines as usual.  Through the use of creative content about leads, lead generation, buying leads, generating leads etc., the top positions on Google for the term Leads was achieved.  This was not a simple nor an easy task.  There were hours and hours of concentrated writing on blogs, forums, websites, press releases and other digital media, but the effort was well worth the effort ONLY in terms of the position on Google being achieved.  Honestly, the number one position obtained on Google for the term leads NEVER made one thin dime in revenue.  One would think that obtaining a tough keyword position like leads with a site would result in revenue being generated, right?

The point is this.  Niche marketing keywords are much more effective for generating revenue from a site than simple research and analyzing.  One must indeed think outside the box when advertising on Google then, and ONLY then, is there a chance of creating revenue for a business model.  It will be discovered that listening to the "so called" experts, will more than likely lead to no success at all.  It is a well known fact that many of these people and organizations tout claims of instant success on the web from their proprietary secrets.  Once again, the hype and misrepresented statements must be ignored.  There are no SECRETS, there is only great original content!

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  1. Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research search terms that users enter into search engines when looking for products, services or general information. Search engine optimization professionals first research keywords, and then align web pages with these keywords to achieve better rankings in search engines. Once they find a niche keyword, they expand on it to find similar keywords. Keyword suggestion tools usually aid the process, like the Google Ads Keyword Planner, which offers a thesaurus and alternative keyword suggestions. Google's first party data also aids this research through the likes of Google autocomplete or People Also Ask.

    Sounds impressive, right?


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