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Privacy Security and Safety for Site Visitors the company website of Butch Hamilton - SEO Master is dedicated to providing our website visitors with the very best reading experience, the safest website navigation and always assure the reader of our strict privacy policies that are locked into place.  All links used @ will direct the reader to safe and secure websites which we also use for online promotional purposes.  The goal is to enlighten readers with real time search engine optimization services, the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry, and to always be forthright and truthful in all of our writing and website promotions.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

When your business plan needs the ultimate in profile branding, website creation, creative content writing and link generating, contact Butch Hamilton to learn more about getting your website to the top of Google!

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  1. Privacy, website security, domain and hosting safety are all prime concerns of Almost all of the modern day problems with a website have been felt at some point. The radar is always up for threats to the privacy, security and safety of the visitors that come to the site.

    PS. Apologies for the momentary glitch this morning. Nothing severe, all is well now!


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