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For many, the term search engine optimization conjures up all sorts of ideas that may, or may not be true. The type of SEO that is described on this site is a much simpler version from the normal rhetoric and confusing content that is posted about the subject. Often, the overexaageration of the term leads people to believe that it is some mysterious something that only Google paid officials are able to accomplish. Or for that matter, they may choose to believe that search optimizing is something that only the rich and famous can do. Both situations are totally off base. Average people with average incomes can purchase SEO services and at least stand a chance of success on the web. A good definition of SEO coems from The Free Dictionary. It states: search engine optimization (Computer Science) computing the process of adjusting the content, structure, etc, of a website so that it will be displayed prominently by a search engine. This is a generalized definitoin of what the SEO Master tries to accomplish when working with websites. There is much more to the process that may be realized and the actual work of working with the source code (the backend of the site) is rather involved. There are many elements contained within a site that must be in place in order to make it search engine compatible on the web.

For those who have joined an MLM business, the site "given" for promoting is virtually worthless on Google. The chances are very good that those sites are nothing but "cookie cutter" reprentations of the owner site and will never be seen on the web by anyone. Another of the great mysteries of the web. Just because a site is hosted and live does not mean that it is ready to be viewed by others according to the demands of the search engine spider bot. The content must be arranged in such a manner that it offers good information and value to a reader coming to the site. If it is just another classified advertising, then it will not be seen by anyone.

Always consider one thing when creating and attempting to publicize a website. The digital work must offer readers something of value for choosing to click on the link on the web for the site in question. There has to be good information on a topic of interest to them in order for any site to be effective. The search engine of Google is about one thing. Good Information. The spider bots that assimilate this information and place it where they are told to go with it, only follow very simple instructions. They place sites with the best information about topics of interest to readers at the top positions where it will be seen. All other information will land in the very bottom of the search results and never been seen by anyone. This is where most of the published sites go on the web.  Butch Hamilton - SEO Master only practices very simple SEO techniques.  These systems worked brilliantly in 2003, and they work today.

Search Engine Optimization Services

When your business plan needs the ultimate in profile branding, website creation, creative content writing and link generating, contact Butch Hamilton to learn more about getting your website to the top of Google!

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  1. SEO, search engine optimization should never carry negative connotations. The simple way of getting to the top of a Google search so people can find the website when searching for good information about a topic that interest them. Simple SEO by Butch Hamilton - SEO Master -


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