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Butch Hamilton - SEO Master, provides a very unique brand of search engine optimization services.  For prospective clients, its important to understand and to know exactly what to expect when hiring one to brand and build a business on Google.  True SEO is a process.  It is a day by day process that will yield, over time, desired results in terms of better traffic to the website being promoted, better search engine rankings on specific keywords chosen, and an overall betterment of the entire business plan can be expected when hiring Hamilton as the search optimizer.

Paying Clients Will Receive the Following Services

  • Website Evaluation - The website which will be carrying the bulk of the business plan seen on Google needs to have all of the pieces of the promoting puzzle locked firmly into place.  A complete evaluation of the website including title, metatag description, ad content and links will all be viewed critically.  The business owner will be informed of the changes needed on the website to make it a super powerful entity on Google.
  • An Overall View of the Entire Business Plan - Knowing about the goals, the expectations, the business plan laid in place and the ultimate outcome come fully into play.  It is imperative that the search optimizer for a business knows each and every part of the business plan in order to create a solid and viable plan of action to promote the business successfully.
  • Press Release Introductions - This vital part of any successful SEO campaign includes professional writing of press releases.  These valuable tools can and will put the business information in front of a great amount of prospective website visitors.
  • Additional Blogs, Forums, Images Will Be Created - In order to succeed on Google, the full range of promoting data must be included.  There are no shortcuts or workarounds here.  Original content writing posted to blogs and forums will help boost the overall standing on Google for the website.
  • Social Media Planning and Implementation - The use of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others puts the information in front of prospects.  New features in Facebook should include creating a public group and fan page for the promotion.  Additional resources can and will be added over time.  But the whole point of social media marketing is to keep the information flowing on a regular basis.  Daily posting to these social networks improves the overall standing of the site and business plan being promoted.

 Fees for Search Engine Optimization Services

Fees will only be discussed with prospective clients who choose to fill out the contact form

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Search Engine Optimization Services

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