Slow and Steady?


OR, Fast and Furious!

In 2021, it is a fast paced technologically abrupt world.  Evertying is done with lightning speed.  The work is not stop.  The pace is so fast that most of the time, we cannot stop even to breathe for a moment.  After all, we must get it all done before the competition does, right?  If we snooze, we lose, right?  The early bird gets the worm, right?  Well, the old phrases may appear to hold water in today's times;  however, there are other considerations here

The Internet Has Its Own Time!

One may think that they know all that there is about the world wide web.  Oh sure, they have done all of the marketing research.  Their statistical department has gathered all of the data and keywords for a particular project and the writers have been hired from an overseas staff to write tons of articles that will drive the project to success on Google.  That is the way it works, right?  Actually, this is NOT how the Internet works at all!

The Internet in 2021 is actually a slow and steadily moving sea of information.  It takes time to develop quality content.  It takes time to sit in from and aging desktop computer, and actually write stuff that someone somewhere will read.  There is nothing fast and furious about Google at all.  As a matter of fact, if one tries to do too much, too soon, the results will be the exact opposite of what is planned for the project!

Slow and Steady Works!

There has never been a truer statement about advertising, marketing and promoting on the world wide web than those few words.

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