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The Study of How a Website Appears on a Google Search


There are literally trillions of websites listed on the world wide web.  A vast majority of those sites are rarely seen by human eyes.  Why is this malady, and how can it be avoided?
Creating a website that will eventually be read by humans searching for something of interest is the ultimate goal of a qualified search engine optimization specialist.
There are no tricks, no secret software and no gurus in this endeavor.  There is one simple thing...


There are really no secrets in the world of search engine optimization services.  There is one thing that rings true with any9one who has ever decided to dedicated their time, energy and talents to the art of getting a website seen on Google.  It is a time intensive labor of love that leads someone to tackle the arduous job of taking a website that represents a worthy endeavor of some sort, and placing that site on Google for particular keyword phrases that people are searching for.

A search optimizer is one who knows how to view websites from the perspective of search engine spider bots.  They are not as concerned with the way a website looks, as they are with the keywords, ad content and links that are present within the content of the site.  This one main area is what confuses most people about how the Internet actually works.  It is a beautiful combination of keywords, ad content and links that when placed together in harmony in a proper website, reach the pinnacle of success on Google.
The one who understands how this all works is the one that should be chosen to be in charge of a business website on the world wide web!  Without this expertise, the business may fail miserably.

It is quite unfortunate that the phrase search engine optimization services has received such bad presence on the web.  The scams, the hacks, the liars, the con men/women have done their very best to blacklist a wonderful and progressive endeavor.  The true masters of SEO, such as Butch Hamilton. Have spent their time and energy learning every area of website creation and implementation.  They know how to creative valuable original content that will eventually find its way to the top of keyword categories and improve the overall performance of a business model on the web.
For this, the qualified SEO Master is to be heartily congratulated as there are very few who actually know how to accomplish this!

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  1. Search engine optimization is much more than one may think. Simple? That is an understatement! In reality, true SEO, the kind of search engine optimizing that Butch Hamilton does, is the most brutal of all endeavors possible. Thinking simply, directly and almost Zen-like about SEO, Hamilton has accomplished miraculous things using nothing but original content written within a simple and direct site.

    Hmmm? Fuel for another article? Search Engine Optimization Services Zenl!

    Butch Hamilton - SEO Master


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