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One of the Best Ways to Build Substantial Backlinks

Comment marketing is the process of going to websites, blogs, and forums, and when provided, making comments and adding links back to the site you are promoting.  This simple process helps to improve the overall performance of your own site on Google so much that with continued comment marketing practices, the overall site will come up in Google rank each and every time a new backlink is produced.  Those backlinks are what helps to drive a site to a better overall standing on the web and it cost absolutely nothing to accomplish at all!  It only takes time, effort and patience to accomplish.  Take this site,  I have provided the Disqus commenting system here, as well as the Blogger comment feature as well.  One can come here and use either of those commenting services to comment about this blog, and leave a link or two to create backlinks.

What is a Backlink?

Backlinking is a tricky process.  Just because you come and post your links on this site does not necessarily mean that a backlink is automatically produced.  It must be a good backlink, in other words, one that has value, content and desirable information.  You may have seen spam links which look like someone copy and pasted several hundred links, came to a site and randomly posted their info and left.  Spam links are not valuable at all, and the ones that do this type of backlinking are doing nothing at all but hurting their chances on the web.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"A backlink for a given web resource is a link from some other website (the referrer) to that web resource (the referent).[1] A web resource may be (for example) a website, web page, or web directory.[1]

A backlink is a reference comparable to a citation.[2] The quantity, quality, and relevance of backlinks for a web page are among the factors that search engines like Google evaluate in order to estimate how important the page is.[3][4] PageRank calculates the score for each web page based on how all the web pages are connected among themselves, and is one of the variables that Google Search uses to determine how high a web page should go in search results.[5] This weighting of backlinks is analogous to citation analysis of books, scholarly papers, and academic journals.[1][4] A Topical PageRank has been researched and implemented as well, which gives more weight to backlinks coming from the page of a same topic as a target page.[6]

Some other words for backlink are incoming link, inbound link, inlink, inward link, and citation.[1]"  As you can see, the backlink is quite important in the overall sense of presence of the website.  It deserves special attention when operating and building a successful site on the world wide web.

Another definition of the backlink comes from The Free Dictionary. 

Graphic Thesaurus for "Backlink" provided by

Comment Marketing Success Takes Time

Developing a positive habit of comment marketing requires thought, intelligence, time and a desire to actually become interactive with the site being commented upon.  Just going hurriedly to websites, joining them and posting links means very little to the search engine spider bots.  However, just like all content creation on Google, good information should always be the goal when comment marketing on other sites.  It is hoped that authors will follow this same path when commenting here.  For some content guidelines for posting, read more here.

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  1. But if we consider the number of external links (outside the blog itself) that lead to the blogsite (which could be considered external impact of the blog from the number of sites that link it from outside the blog itself) then the Backlinks indicator would be the most appropriate to measure the external impact of the blog in question.


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