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I once worked for a company where the CTO was a brilliant and highly talented software engineer.  His mind worked in the statistics and analytical area.  He could not get past the point where he believed in what I did.  I was more common sense oriented about building businesses online.  Since the background I came from was construction, welding and steel, my approach to building a business online was much more like doing business face to face with someone.  It was not at all about statistics and analysis.  I called it common sense marketing, and that approach still holds true today.

One might perceive that advertising, promoting and marketing online is built more around research and analysis than common sense down to earth methods.  Actually, is built around the simplified methods of marketing.  It is nothing more than writing excellent content, creating simple, direct websites that tell stories that attract readers that makes common sense marketing work.

Well written content published live to blogs, forums, websites, images, podcasts, videos and other media will work wonders every time.  I am quite content in letting the programmers, developers and analysts work their software magic while I simply write.  In my view, common sense wins every time on the web!

Search Engine Optimization Services

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  1. Common sense marketing simply means doing business the way it is done in the real world. I choose to operate my successful search engine optimization services business as if I were doing business face to face with the customer. In my mind, this works much better than trying to impress someone with statistics and analysis jargon. - Real SEO for Real People!


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