What Does It Mean to Get a Top Position on Google?

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Can Search Engine Optimization Make You Money?

In order to fully understand what search engine optimization is, and what it can mean to a website and a business model online, one needs to understand just how the Internet works.  The best way to explain this is by knowing exactly how you search on Google.  What words, better known as keywords, do you put into a Google search box to get results about something you are interested in finding more about?  Think of SEO in this way.  Search engine optimizing means arranging the content on a website to reach a certain keyword position on Google, or any of the other search engines, so that people can find the site when searching.  It is a very simple, as a matter of fact, a brutally simple process;  however, most human beings seem to be able to complicate every little thing.  The Internet is absolutely no exception to this rule.  It is almost impossible to tell a human being that achieving a top position on the web is a simple process.  Every time they will over complicate the process and believe that it something other than just what is.

Understanding this one simple thing might just lead you to realize the importance that the search engine optimization master can/will accomplish for a business.  When done correctly search optimization will increase the chances of making sales from a business model, or at least getting good traffic to a site.  It is NOT a guarantee of making money however.  SEO is ONLY A SHOT!  Many people feel that if they hire someone to promote a site on the web that they can magically pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat and start earning money for them automatically.  Nothing could be further from the truth, even though you read this all across the Internet in spam emails, articles on the web and other places.  No search engine optimizer worth his/her salt will ever tell you that SEO will make you money!

Consider the Alternative

Not hiring a search engine optimizer means that you are in full control of your destiny on the web.  You must operate your business, which is way more than a full time job in and of itself.  Then, you must make time in your busy day to create the site, write the blog posts, prepare press releases, create images, upload podcasts and videos and do all of the other things that the SEO person could be doing for you.  AND, they will KNOW what to do.  You will just be guessing!  The human ego is a terribly hard thing to change.  Once a person has it in their minds that they know how to promote on the web, little else will move them.  All that will work to show them the way is continued non success.

Search Engine Optimization Services

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  1. Hiring a search engine optimization expert means at least having a good chance at being seen on the web. Unfortunately, most feel that they are good enough, smart enough and know everything that there is to know about marketing, advertising and promoting. This leads to just one thing. NO TRAFFIC=NO SALES!

    By the way, this will be the topic of the next article! Stay tuned!

    Butch Hamilton - SEO Master


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