Can You Give Me Back My Good Name?

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It Started with a Phone Call!

One day the phone rang in my office and the voice on the other end of the line sounded stressed out, bewildered, and really did not know where to go.  The conversation went something like this.  "Hello Butch Hamilton.  I have a question for you that I am wondering if you can help me out in answering?"  I said "of course, please continue."  The voice on the other end of the line asked me this question.  "Can you give my good name back to me on the Internet?  You see, I was involved with a company some time ago.  I was only the spokesperson for the company;  however, they were involved with some, you might say, questionable activities.  I was not aware of it at the time;  however, people took for granted that I was a big part of the company as my appearance and my voice was used to promote this program.  So naturally, people thought that I had something to do with the company."

I had to gather my thoughts just a bit before I decided to answer this important question.  I studied the person's voice, researched the name on Google and found many controversial and disturbing comments, articles and information posted all over the name the the person gave to me.  As a matter of fact, I searched five pages deep on Google of the name in question and almost everything listed on the web about this person was bad!  In other words when you Googled the name, just as is done in today's world, nothing but bad, negative and damaging comments and articles were found about this person.

I took a deep breath and here is the answer I gave.  "Yes, I can help give you your good name back to you!"  I had made the commitment that I would be able to put this person back on Google in a positive way.  I knew that it would be one of the most difficult search engine optimization gigs that I ever did, but I was willing IF he wanted to pay my price.

The Next Question Was Direct

"How are you going to accomplish this, Butch?"  The person wanted to know the exact procedure that I would use to give back the name that once stood for trust, honesty and goodness.

Here is exactly what I told the person.  "I will begin writing creative, positive and true information about you.  I will dig deep and find out the true nature of who you are and what you have done.  I will write more content on the world wide about wide about the positive things, than the others have ever written about you negatively.  In this way, after a period of time, this information will begin to surface and you will once again be able to Google your name and see good information only."

The Answer the Person Gave Shocked Me!

The voice on the phone said, "Ok, I am willing to pay your price as I believe in what you can do for me and my good name!"  And at that very moment in time, I began writing for one of the most demanding search engine optimization services campaign that I had done thus far.  I spent countless hours, days, weeks and months until the day arrived that when you Google their name, NOTHING but good news about them could be found!  The campaign was a brilliant success and he was totally satisfied with the outcome!

The above story is an accurate account of just one of the successful search engine optimization jobs that I have been hired to do.  No name was mentioned here to protect the client's private and personal information;  however, the story lays out exactly as it happened.  The job of giving back this person's good name on the world wide web was a total success and they were quite amazed and pleased at the outcome.

Real SEO Works!

I never share any of my long list of clients information on the web as I am totally committed to client security and privacy;  however, by telling this true story, this is just one example of how SEO can and does work over time to accomplish good things on the world wide web.

Search Engine Optimization Services

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  1. This true story about just one of the many successful search engine optimization campaigns that I have conducted over the years proves that my unique brand of search optimizing can and will work. One note here. There is never a way to tell a client just how long that it will take to accomplish the task at hand. The answer is always the same. "It takes as long as it takes!" Butch Hamilton


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