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Google Algorithm Updates

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I Received This Info Via Email From Julian Goldie

I found this video quite interesting and compelling.  Julian talks about how to recover from the rexcent updates on Google regarding high ranking websites.  As I wrote Julian back, "I have preached content, content, content for over a decade and a half.  For those that took the advice, their sites are doing well.  For the others who choose to take the shortcuts to writing good original and meaningful content, I say, "told you so!"

Please listen to this video and share and like ti as well.  These types of informational videos always further the cause of REAL TIME SEO!

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In December last year, a ton of websites got hit by the Google Core update. It may have impacted your site too. In fact, some websites lost 60% to 70% of their traffic overnight with the update, so it was pretty brutal. Make sure to watch the entire video to discover how to recover from the core update. Subscribe below to learn how to grow your website, boost your rankings and drive more sales with SEO: 
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The Problem With Google Algorithm Updates 03:01 
How To Fix Your Website 04:59 How To Recover From Google Updates 07:09 Why Your Website Got Hit By The Update

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