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Programmers, website designers and developers fall within special categories on the web.  In general, most site creators are reputable and run businesses that are above board and beyond reproach;  however, having said that, there are also the "others" that fall into another class called hackers, manipulators and generally called "the bad guys."  Now these bad guys are in the business of wreaking havoc on the uneducated, the unsuspecting, the desperate and the constantly searching crowd on the world wide web that are looking for the secret sauce to advertising, promoting and marketing a website online.  These searchers will go to unbelievable lengths to try to find that one programmer or designer who chooses to do their business the wrong way.  They are, in fact, looking for the bad guys!  Their never ending search to find the easy way out online is most incredible to watch.  They will come up with some of the most despicable SEO Tools ever seen on the world wide web.  Now these tools are designed for one purpose, and one purpose only  They are designed to make the unaware user think that they are doing something wrong on their website that needs to be attended to, and naturally, for a big price, these bad guys can fix the problem for them.  So, with the addition of the email address added to these bad guys list, they will be receiving vital information about their website, how to fix what is broken, and just how much it will cost to fix it.  In other words, this is called...

The Hook

Once these guys have the innocent victim hooked and have access to their hosting plans, there is not end to what they will be able to do with the access that they have here.  They can and will create additional websites unknown to the victim and being to spread their web of deceit far and wide across the net to draw in more innocent victims and make even more money than before.  In other words, they have successfully infiltrated areas on the web where their prime information can be found by others and used to wreak more havoc than ever before.

There are general ways to learn the difference between good SEO tools and bad SEO tools;  however, most of the time it is too late for the victim, once they have fallen for the hook of the bad guys.  There is one way to eliminate completely this ever happening to you, the visitor of this blog and this will work ever single time.  Always use...

Google Search Central

Google Search Central is by far, the most comprehensive suite of SEO tools found anywhere on the web.  The great thing about these tools is that they are and always will be completely free to use.  They are very sophisticated in nature and are constantly updated by the Google Engineers who constantly strive for even more perfection in their work.  In other words, they are passionate about what they do, just as I am passionate about my search engine optimization services.  When you combine passion with commitment you get the best that is possible in the world of the www.  I will say that there is a definite learning curve here and it takes time to understand and fully immerse yourself into the content of this site.  Be patient, persistent and good things will result from the experience.

Basic Rules of the Game

Awareness is the key to choosing SEO tools.  Seemingly innocent websites can contain the worst forms of information and misleading content, therefore, its important to always be on the proverbial toes when it comes to searching online for answers to search engine optimization questions.  When something looks too good to be true, too cheap or too easy to use, the radar should come up quickly.  Stop the desire to search incessantly for answers and concentrate on the quality of content you create.  Some excellent info about Google Search Console can be found on

Search Engine Optimization Services

When your business plan needs the ultimate in profile branding, website creation, creative content writing and link generating, contact Butch Hamilton to learn more about getting your website to the top of Google!

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  1. SEO Tools come in all kinds of pretty packages on the world wide web of deceit. The main rule of thumb here is to stay away from incessant surfing for answers to the advertising, promoting and marketing riddle on Google. Concentrate efforts more on what works, which is content writing, rather than trying to find a workaround to the work!


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