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The Main Thing to Consider

Over the years, it has been my experience that there is one central thing to consider and to work towards, in order to achieve success on the web.  It really has nothing to do with analytics, programming, website design, the construction of various blogs and websites or anything else that might imagine that deals with the world of digital creations.  The eternal search for the secret to online promoting where people struggle, strain and try to reinvent the very design of the world wide web in hopes of capturing the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial digital highway of information.  Reading, absorbing, following, liking, subscribing to the so called gurus and their different approaches to the advertising world on Google is a process that is much meant to melt the head and confuse even more, this process called search engine optimization.  Could it be that there is just one thing that can and will, put all of the other information to rest and allow anyone that chooses this path to become successful with a website or a business interest on the world  wide web of deceit and deception?

Actually There is One Thing!

Considering that the Internet is nothing more than trillions of pieces of information all laid out in perfect harmony by the search engine spider bots of the web, and considering that there is only one thing that makes all of this work, the would it not be logical to assume that everything on this digital multi-comp of info would fall into one simple category that almost anyone of intelligence should be able to digest and disseminate?  Yes, there is one powerfully simple, and often ignored element in this crazy mixed up world of digital dichotomy that pervades all other things found within the scope of super informational type legacies.


Yes, the simple word that pares it all down into a little niche where anyone with the slightest amount of savvy can use and abuse to glory on  Google.  With just a little bit of imagination, ingenuity, intelligence, fortitude, determination and guts can and would be able to first capture the attention of teh search engine spider bots, and then have that information placed within strategic keyword positions where Joe Public is searching for that special new widget for his long term collection, and the ultimate success of making a sale on the web can be possible.

How to Create Content?

I am so glad that you asked this.  As I have pointed out far too many times already, the process of visualizing the formation of content is truly the first step in the arduous and ever changing world of creative writing that makes all the difference in whether something will be seen on the web that is discernible and half way sensible in the eternal quest of creating content that reaches the human intellect just enough to get a click.  After all, it does all come down to that, right?  Just one little click that goes to something for sale or trade is the reasonable question asked on the web for browsers who continually thirst for something new and different for their private collections of obviousness.   Just a simple little click is the ultimate goal of anyone who ever enters the hallowed halls of the web to try to crack the proverbial code which leads to success.

Could it possible be that simple?  Will the fiver fans of the web actually be able to make a difference in the way that the search engine spiders assimilate and dissect content to see if it is real, or is it memorex?  Actually, they will never get it, those creators of nonsensical  dribble churned out in a moments notice for the purpose of earning $5 for their efforts.  Dear friends and readers.  There is MUCH MORE to all of this than the article spinning tactics that the has been gurus have all told.  The tales of success without effort are nothing more than lies.  Good content, original content, readable content and intelligent content  only come from those with innate abilities who thrive in the arena of...

Search Engine Optimization Services

When your business plan needs the ultimate in profile branding, website creation, creative content writing and link generating, contact Butch Hamilton to learn more about getting your website to the top of Google!

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  1. One special thing that the dribble dreamers will never get. Passion about the content written is what makes the all important difference in success on Google or just more stuff that will never be read by anyone online.

  2. I changed the template for Search Engine Optimization Services by Butch Hamilton to a more sleek look. By making this drastic change, some of the podcasts and videos are now showing up; however, I do like the look and feel of the site now. I am going to research this template and see if it going to be approved by Google Webmaster Tools to be mobile friendly.

  3. More concentrated content will be added to using h1, h2, h3 and h4 tags. The content to date is still be seen as "thin" so the new shift to more creative content will eliminate this issue. Personally, I am not convinced that the content is think on site; however, Iw amn wiling to make some simple changes to eliminate this minor inconvenience.

  4. One interesting thing I just discovered. The sidebar widgets are still hosting the original content of the various podcasts, videos and content I originally posted. I am going to leave everything just as it was to see if this content will be picked up by the search engine spiders as well. This will be most interesting to evaluate.


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