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What Contacting Butch Hamilton Can Mean

 Butch Hamilton - SEO Master, in the business of assisting owners of websites promoting services, products, opportunities, ventures, professional systems, charities, artistic endeavors and other worthy endeavors should use the handy contact forms located on this page.  This will result in Butch Hamilton getting back in touch just as quickly as possible to setup an appointment time using Google Hangouts, Google Meet, phone, Skype or other online communications systems to discuss future plans for online promoting services.

This first all important step puts into motion the process of SEO which includes content marketing, digital marketing, creative writing, press releases, videos, podcasts, image creation and tagging, website development and other needed techniques to ensure the greatest exposure on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and all of the other major search engines for the websites being promoted.

The YouTube video below offers ways to contact Butch Hamilton including phone, email address, Facebook messenger and website contact info as well.

What Can Be Expected After Contact is Made?

A complete informational video will be given as to the various techniques and strategies that will be included in the actual search engine optimization campaign.  This informational video will offer the prospective client a good overall perspective of the process of advertising, promoting and marketing on the world wide web is all about.  This will be provided via email so that the client may keep and inspect the video at any time to learn more about the procedures that will be undertaken when hiring Butch Hamilton as the search engine optimizer for the project.

It is important to note that no work will be undertaken until proper payment is made in agreement between vendor and client.  Butch Hamilton has strict privacy and security systems locked firmly into place for accepting agreed payment for SEO services rendered to the client.

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