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Building a business on Google requires specialized techniques.  The techniques we will be discussing today are called search optimizing specialties.  All of the elements that go into the art and science of website promotion are actually very simple in nature.  So simple in fact, most people fall short of their intended goals because they over-complicate or over-think this process.  Simplifying, creating, caring for and feeding of a website all fall under the heading of creative writing.  This creative writing, or the art of telling stories in different ways, will be the deciding factor that will determine the eventual success or failure of the business model.

The problem that most people who entered the hallowed halls of the web with a business concern is the fact that the Internet does not operate like things do in the real world.  Digital marketing is quite different from offline marketing.  Advertising on the web is not at all like conventional offline advertising systems.  The individual must be well schooled in the art and science of search engine optimization to stand even a remote chance at being seen on the web.

What Will Be Offered @

Good information, creative writing, newsletters and offers will all be seen @  All of this information has been gathered from over a decade and a half of learning the insider tools of the trade by Butch Hamilton.  The road to success has not been easy for him, but through it all, the one prevailing feature of the Internet stands out.  Creative writing is the very essence and core of all that is, or that will be created on Google.  This one simple thing can mean the difference in advertising, marketing and promoting successfully.

Readers here will not be convinced, coerced or given a bunch of lies, hpe and scam about search engine optimization.  Only real, honest and proven techniques and strategies will be discussed here.  The goal of is to simply provide interested persons in having access to one website that actually does and will always tell the truth about promoting on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and all of the other major search engines where people look for information about topics of interest to them.

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These three elements deal directly with the specialized art and science of search engine optimization for websites.  Thinking and analyzing the components of a website to make it effective, simple and clear cut for the search engine spider bots to index and assimilate is what search optimizing is really all about.  Keeping these three factors in mind when doing anything on the web will assist in the overall performance of the site in  question.

What Will NOT Be Seen Here

There will never be claims of Internet success.  There will never be articles about how much money can be made by using search engine optimization techniques.  There will not be any hype, lies or any of the usual carp that is seen on the web about search engine optimization services.  This site is dedicated to real, actual, intelligent and logical techniques that place sites on Top positions on Google.  The information provided here is proven, time tested and works every single time to obtain top positions on the search engines for a website.

Butch Hamilton

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