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I can remember the day I first heard about the podcast.  I was sitting in a webinar and listening to two speakers talking about the podcast.  I had no idea what it was;  however, as they continued speaking about the subject of podcasting, my interest begin to wake up.  Since search engine optimization, creative writing and working online was the path set for me, I figured to gather all of the various systems that were available and learn how to use each and every one to further my cause.  That was the beginning of my podcasting experience.  From the first time that I produced my own podcast, I was hooked on the concept, just as I am this very day.  I believe podcasting is essential to online promoting as it gives those who do not care to read an opportunity to click and listen to what the speaker is talking about.  The reasons for not liking to read are many, but the podcast crosses all of the barriers and enables anyone who can hear, the opportunity to learn more about what the subject is discussing. 

The podcast is really simple and easy to create.  All you need is a simple recording device such as Audacity, and a host like TalkShoe or Podbean and you are set.  Basically, if you can talk, you can podcast.  There is really no need to be shy here as the world is waiting for your information to be shared via the podcast.  Shyness comes from being fearful of what people may or may not be thinking about you.  Actually, they are not thinking about you at all, but are thinking most about themselves.  That simple podcast that you create, might be just the ticket to breaking through a barrier that has hindered you for so long.  Who knows?  You might become a podcast star on  Google!

This site will be mostly dedicated to podcasts relating to search engine optimization and getting to the top of Google with a worthy cause that is needing to be seen by others.  Through these podcasts, you will hopefully be able to start learning exactly what SEO is and why it is such a valuable element in the online promoting process.  Hopefully, I will not come across as advertising only for these services.  I prefer to offer site visitors good information on relevant topics of interest in the field of websites and promoting online.  In doing so, the sites I create are much more informational than of an advertising nature.  If you happen to enjoy the articles, podcasts, videos or other things I create, a quick share to your own social networks would be most appreciated!

For even more information, ideas, articles and education about the topic of search engine optimization, please visit  The stuff found there will surely be of value if you have a business online and need it to be seen by visitors.

The Art of Podcasting

To create a podcast there must be a beginning thought.  For myself, visualization is used to accomplish the work before it is even started.  In this way, I can see the success of the project I am working on before I actually begin to process any information at all.  This offers a more clear and concise podcast, or even written article than just sitting down and writing random thoughts.  In order to talk successfully about anything, I feel that the speaker must have excellent knowledge on the topic and be able to communicate this to the listener.  There is an art to creating a successful podcast that people will listen to and be engaged about.  The goal of this site, and with all sites created by me is with this type of thought and visualization.

Welcome to Podcast Hamilton! Podcast Hamilton @ is dedicated to talking about search engine optimization and how it relates to anyone who has a website and is trying to build a business on Google. This is NOT an advertising site. It is a site that will be filled with information, insights, links, suggestions, commentaries and articles that anyone can use to further their worthy cause on the world wide web in 2021 and beyond.

Podcast Hamilton will offer unique and inspired information from Butch Hamilton - SEO Master, which has been gathered from operating on the web for over a decade and a half.

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Welcome to Podcast Hamilton!

Let me Know How I am Doing!

Please take the time to fill out this simple website evaluation form.  I do NOT harvest your email or your private information.  I am simply looking for good or bad criticism, questions, comments, feedback or anything else that you wish to put here.  I look forward to reading all of your comments about the job that I am doing!


Podcasts by Butch Hamilton

Butch Hamilton Podcasts

This will be the section on where I place all of the podcasts that I create. Even though I am also hosting @ TalkShoe

and Podbean, I still believe that it is a great idea to place them here as well. My unique podcasts will open up the mystery surrounding the art and science of search engine optimization and hopefully begin to dispel all of the bad rumors about SEO and the problems and negative aura that surrounds the industry at large. My messages will be clear, concise and carry with them the hopeful tone that tells all of my faithful and first time site visitors that real time SEO is available by me, and others of likewise feelings and ethics for the tasks at hand. Podcasts are just another way to open up new areas of communication for those lucky enough to come and visit the sites. As with all of the content I post, Disqus Commenting is available for those wishing to engage, interact, subscribe and leave positive feedback for the information posted.

And now, please listen to the podcasts!

More Podcasts Coming Soon!


  1. This new podcast page will be a constantly updated information rich site page expressly for the promotion of the podcasts of Butch Hamilton.

  2. This will be an ongoing work as I will be hosting new and exciting podcasts about marketing, advertising and promoting on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and all of the other major search engines where people go to find good information.


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