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Giving Thanks to Those Deserving

In search engine optimization services, its important to thank the resources that make all of this wonderful Internet possible.  Without these industrious, far sighted, intelligent and intuitive systems out there making it possible for people like me to do what we do, there would be no Internet, no computers, no great systems to utilize each and every day.  In other words, we could all go back to the good old days, when there was none of the amazing things available.

It is also quite important to remember one thing.  The Internet resources are only made available to the world because of people.  Even though we do not consider Google as being a people oriented organization, it is only made from real people who work hard, go after their dreams and visions and will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals.  I believe as they do in never stopping the positive energy of life, as it holds so much for all who embrace it.

And so, a hearty THANK YOU to these valuable resources



One of my all time favorite resources comes from Google.  I have been using Google tools since my very beginnings on the web.  I found them right off and got my first Gmail account to use in corresponding with others on the web.  I find this email service the best of the best in terms of deliverability, privacy, functionality and offering great email services.  I would recommend Gmail over all of the others, hands down.  And as always, its free!

 I also use the paid version and use Google Workspace, a very simple and easy way to own a professional email server loaded with tools and systems to help any organization to flourish.  The various Google tools available in an account boggles the mind.  From blogs, forums, power point creators, forms, drawings and much much more, all of these are made available by Google for absolutely zero dollars. 

Let us not forget Google Domains.  Now I have been buying domains and hosting plans for over a decade and a half.  Just recently, I decided to give Google Domains a try.  I am so completely impressed with their service, hosting and support, that I doubt I will ever settle for second best in domains and hosting again!

How could anyone not thank that Google is the greatest system of tools found on the Internet today?  Thanks Google!



All I can say for Wikipedia is simply amazing!  When I am searching for a clear and concise definition of a word, a phrase of something that I am searching for, and no matter what it may happen to be, I always turn to Wikipedia.  This amazing resource is absolutely essential for writers like myself.  I look to the Wiki as a valuable resource tool, an education tools, a testing and research tool and so much more.  I can always find great journalism in the Wikipedia.  Thanks Wikipedia!


The Free Dictionary

The Free Dictionary is a favorite resource and learning tool that I find myself using each and every day.  Even though I know definitions of words, I am still interested in learning and growing in my writing and word usage.  The Free Dictionary is much more than a dictionary.  It is a wonderful tool that can be used to broaden horizons using words to communicate thoughts, feelings, emotions and conveying ideas to others.  Thank You The Free Dictionary!



I have to give the guys at EditPlus a huge thumbs up for having the best and most efficient HTML editor found on the web today.  I actually taught myself HTML and PHP code by using EditPlus years ago.  This all in one clean code editor has been responsible for millions of words being written about various SEO projects I have been involved with over the years.  I still turn to EditPlus for my content as it provides me anything and everything I need in order to produce the best website code!  Thank you EditPlus!

The digital photo creator that makes non artistic people like me into first class digital creators has to be the most amazing suite of digital recreation tools ever seen on the web.  With this system even I can create original images, and then tagging to increase the effectiveness of these images on the web.  By doing this on a consistent basis, I am able to grab many top positions on Google and other search engines by creating original images.  I would never be able to create such great works without helping me all the way.  Thanks!



I started using LunaPic a few years ago.  Once again, I am NOT an artist with digital media!  My passion is creative writing, but honestly with great tools like LunaPic at my side, I come across like a true artistic genius.  I find LunaPic amazing and very simple and easy to use.  I have created images for years using this digital creation tool and it is simply amazing that the owner gives this one for free!  Just another example that free does exist on the web.  Thanks LunaPic! 



The best video recording software on the Internet today!  I have used Screencast-O-Matic since they came on the web, to create my videos for search engine optimization services.  I am by no means an expert in video creation;  however, with Screencast-O-Matic, I do not have to have to be.  I simply visualize a video project, create some excellent dialog and information and create a video.  These guys make it fun and easy to become a video publisher.  They also provide free and paid video hosting to make the process even better.  Thanks Screencast-O-Matic!



The greatest audio recorder found on the web today.  Audacity allows me all of the features and functionality I need to create podcasts for the SEO services.  I have depended on Audacity to create seamless, clear and easily uploaded MP3 recordings that I use in my online promotions.  I would never put my trust in any other recorders out there!  Thanks Audacity! has been a trusted provider for autoresponders and lead capture pages for many years.  I find that having the ability to create unlimited lead capture pages, that do quite well on the web as well, and offer me great systems to help to advertise, promote and market my own SEO business as well as using them for clients who demand creating email lists for marketing.  Trafficwave has been in operation online for a very long time and quite honestly, the low price of $17.95 per month in my book, is more than well worth it for the tools and systems that it offers.  Thanks! 


The Internet Archive (

It is amazing to think of an organization that has dedicated itself to saving any and all of the digital media that has ever been produced since the world wide web was born.  Imagining the awesome task that it is to assimilate all of this information and to make sure that the servers keep that information safe and secure boggles the mind.  I make it a point to save each and every page of each site that I create here at  I can then go back in time and look and see what I have accomplished over time.  Its amazing to watch this process in motion. 



To say that the product of Loom is a video creation software does not do true justice to this amazing tool that can be used by anyone to tell stories that come alive on the web.  Using Loom is by far, one of the easiest, fastest and best ways to creatively express thoughts, views, opinions, business plans and so much more.  After beginning to learn how to use Look has been a steady work in progress.  One begins to understand that the only limits in using Loom is only limited by the imagination of the one creating with it.  Butch Hamilton heartily recommends this amazing resource tool to anyone who loves to tell stories of interest to them and place them in a compact video format.  Easy to use, functional along with excellent customer support and one of the best overall user experiences possible.  This is about Loom!  Thanks guys!


The Resources page will be a constant work in progress as there are always new systems that I find and will be using that deserve recognition.  I think it necessary to commend the hard working and forward thinking men and women who spend their valuable time in bringing us all Internet tools and systems that can be used to further business endeavors.

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  1. It is easy to forget that without hard working visionaries working around the click, the Internet would not even exist. I decided to create this resource page, and continue adding to it over time, to give thanks to those who richly deserve it.


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