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Maintaining a positive profile on social media is an all important part of the core essential essence of search engine optimization services by Butch Hamilton.  Time, energy, effort and diligence are all ingredients that are put to the test when advertising, marketing and promoting online.  It is important for readers, clients and potential customers know that the information being read online about is real and can be trusted to be true.

Please feel free to connect with any or all of our social media outlets.  Comments, suggestions and likes will be most welcome!


Facebook let's us follow people, organizations and services that are important to keeping in touch with information and ideas that lead to improved marketing on the web.  Being a Facebook user comes with a certain code of ethics automatically built in. strives each and every day, to provide content that is moral, ethical and in tune with the community standards that Facebook provides.  Many different pages, groups and information is used in providing input to Facebook.


Twitter is a most important social media outlet for as it tests the ability of the author to present a small amount of content and allows the content to be laser focused for the reader as well.  The content, along with images are a constant work in progress for the Twitter account used.


Instagram is an interesting social media outlet where images are used to tell stories about the project being promoted.  Instagram followers come in all shapes and sizes and following their content always makes for interesting views online.

 Mix, formerly is a social media outlet whereby links are added to the homepage and followers see the content and react as either subscribers or commenters.  Mix is an excellent way to provide good images, links and content where information will be viewed and responded to by others.  It is definitely a great social media outlet to become associated with.


Disqus is a commenting social media group.  The interesting aspect of Disqus is that the program allows one to add code to a website and create an excellent commenting system.  These comments also assist the website being promoted to build substantial backlinks for the site, and provides the format for others who choose to do the same thing with their sites.  Comment marketing is a powerful addition to any site and relies heavily on building backlinks by using comment marketing when possible on other site.

About Social Media and

Social media broadly describes online tools for sharing information — Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and others — that rely on social interaction between Web users. This mode of dissemination, based on real-time simple online publishing techniques, depends as much on the audience as it does the publisher. Social media provides a platform from which content transforms into community.  Spending quality time in establishing relationships with readers is an all important part of building something of value on the web.

Search Engine Optimization Services

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